CLÁR Support for Mobility and Cancer Care Transport

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What Is Measure Four of CLÁR?

Recognising the critical role that volunteer organisations play in the provision of vital services to vulnerable sectors of the community; the Department of Rural and Community Development, through the CLÁR Programme, will provide funding to qualifying, voluntary, organisations that provide;

  • transport to/from day care/other medical/therapy/respite services for those with significant mobility issues including, requiring specialised wheelchair accessible vehicles or
  • transport to/from designated cancer treatment hospitals/centres under the National Cancer Care Programme.

Funding Allocation for 2018

There is an allocation of €1.5M available to eligible organisations under Measure Four the CLÁR 2018 programme for the Wheelchair Access and Cancer Care Support Measure which will be operated directly by the Department of Rural and Community Development.


Eligible Applicants

Measure Four is open to established, voluntary organisations/groups that operate on a voluntary basis, and are involved in the provision of transport services, free of charge, to persons requiring wheelchair accessible vehicles to access day care/other medical/therapy/respite services and/or those requiring transport to/from hospitals for treatments under the National Cancer Care Programme (list of designated hospitals/centres attached).

Support will be made available to applicant groups/organisations that are formally established e.g. registered charity or not for profit etc. Support will not be made available to individuals.

In that regard it will be necessary to provide information/certification regarding the formal establishment of the group/organisation e.g. Memoranda and Articles of Association and letters in support of application, from for example, the HSE/other service provider.


Eligible CLÁR Area

In the normal course, CLÁR eligibility is based on being physically located within a designated CLÁR DED. Given the need to travel considerable distances, in some cases, to hospitals and other specialist facilities located in non CLÁR areas; eligibility in this instance will be based on the ‘catchment area’ being served by the vehicles and by demonstrating that the majority (at least 80%) of the need can be attributed to CLÁR DED’s.


It will be necessary for applicants to demonstrate that the majority of their normally clientele reside within CLÁR DED’s. A listing of eligible CLÁR DED’s is available at .


Eligible Costs

Measure Four will cover the cost of a vehicle and/or the fit out of a vehicle where necessary. Applicants should provide full details regarding the costs associated with the purchase and/or fit out of proposed vehicles.

Please note: The scheme will not cover any ongoing running costs such as insurance, maintenance, fuel etc. Applicant organisations will be required to outline how they will manage the ongoing operation of the vehicle.


Rate of Aid

Measure Four will provide up to 85% of the total cost of a vehicle/fit out subject to a maximum grant, per applicant, of;

  • €50,000 for a wheelchair accessible vehicle and
  • €100,000 for a bus.

A match funding contribution of at least 15% is required.


Grant Payment Arrangements

Grant payment arrangements will be in arrears and the detailed arrangements will be agreed with the successful grant recipients directly.


Application Process

Applications should include supporting information requested in the application form including a detailed breakdown of all costs including detailed quotations. As outlined above Applicants are required to comply with relevant public procurement guidelines.

Documentation should provide a clear evidence base for the assistance being requested and should be submitted directly to the Department at, by the 31st  of August and on the application form available HERE.  Queries in relation to this scheme should be submitted to the Department via also.




Scheme launch 8th  August
Applications to be received by the Department By August 31st
Assessment and decisions, contracts By  September 7th
Project Completion/Drawdown October /November 2018


Further Information on Measure Four

More detailed criteria with appendices can be downloaded HERE

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