CLÁR Funding 2018 – €5 Million announced for Rural & Community Development

Funding Announced:

Thurs. 22nd March  2018 – Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring TD, announced details of theCLAR Funding 2018 CLÁR programme for 2018. CLÁR provides funding for small scale capital projects in rural areas that have experienced significant levels of depopulation. The programme, which has a budget of €5 million this year, forms part of the Government’s Action Plan for Rural Development and will support investments such as play areas for children; traffic calming measures around schools; and support for emergency responders.

Minister Ring said: “We want to encourage people to raise their families in rural areas by helping to improve the quality of life locally. A modest investment under the CLÁR scheme, such as the provision of a playground or play area, can have a significant impact on a rural community.

“The CLÁR programme is also helping to make rural schools safer for our children by funding footpaths outside schools and supporting traffic calming measures to get cars to slow down as they pass schools. These are simple measures but they make a huge difference for parents and children in rural communities.” For more details of announcement CLICK HERE.

WHAT, WHERE, WHEN? Are You Funding Ready?


There are 3 funding measures under CLÁR:

  • Measure 1:   Support for Schools/Community Safety Measures;
  • Measure 2:   Schools/Community Play Areas (including Multiple Use Games Areas);
  • Measure 3:   First Response Support Measure.

Eligible Costs: 

Applications should detail all the costs associated with a proposed project and only items of a capital nature that are integral to the project should be included. Administration and professional fees should be kept to a minimum and be clearly detailed. Such costs will be eligible up to a maximum of 12.5% of the overall project costs.

Maximum and minimum amounts depend on what you are applying and your group needs to be able to provide at least 5% and up to 10% of match funding.


Funding for Measures 1 and 2 is operated by via the relevant Local Authority – Leitrim County Council. Applications must be received by April 19th 2018.

Measure 3 is operated directly by the Dept of Rural and Community Development. Applications must be received by April 30th 2018

In total, a maximum of 15 applications can be submitted to the department from Leitrim County Council.


Read and download all the documents associated with the funding by clicking on the links below:


If you have more questions about applying for Measures 1 & 2 contact

Terry McGovern, Acting Senior Executive Officer, Planning

Ph: 071 96 20005 ext 501         email:                    OR


Helen Denning, Acting Assistant Staff Officer, Economic Development

Ph: 071 96 50400  ext. 525       email









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