Brexit at the Border

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The effects of Brexit and are of great concern to us in Leitrim and around the entire Border area and beyond.

Dr. Katy Hayward of the Centre for International Borders Research at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) has written a report based on the results of a Brexit research initiative which took place between March and May of this year. The research is a joint initiative of the Irish Central Border Area Network (ICBAN) and QUB.


The Report

‘Brexit at the Border: Voices of local communities in the Central Border Region of Ireland / Northern Ireland’ follows on from the ‘Bordering on Brexit’ report which was published in November 2017. This latest report differs in that it examines the opinions of people and businesses in the Region on issues such as proposed technological solutions, their views of a hard border, their opinions about representations on Brexit and funding for the area etc.

ICBAN and QUB are indebted to all 591 respondents for taking the time to complete the survey and to the c.50 participants who attended the related focus group meetings. The report provides an opportunity for their voices to be heard and to be brought to the attention of those involved in the high-level negotiations and various debates that are underway.

To download and read the Report or Executive summary click on the images below.

Brexit at the Border Report                        


What Next?

The findings of the report will be used in making representations to related Inquiries and Consultations.This research will complement other border region initiatives, including those by the Councils across the area. These documents and initiatives serve as primary evidence of the latest opinions expressed by border communities. Please feel free to use the information within the report: all that ICBAN and Queen’s University Belfast ask is that due referencing be given.

Representatives of ICBAN would be happy to meet and discuss the report’s findings. If you have any feedback or queries please do not hesitate to contact the ICBAN office where your input will be shared with the Board of Management and the QUB Research Team.

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