BREAST CANCER AWARENESS – Free Sessions Available to Groups

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Rachel Fitzgerald Feeley from Breast Cancer Ireland runs FREE information sessions to women’s/community groups/women in the workplaces etc on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

She is available to talk to women’s groups in Co. Leitrim. In the session she explains a little about Breast Cancer Ireland and the progress they are making in research and education.  Rachel shares her own personal experience of having BC and encourages all to be breast aware, talks through the signs and symptoms of BC, show how to do a breast self-exam on our specialized mannequin & promote our free app ‘breast aware’.  (There is more info about this in the link below).  Participants will have a chance to try out the mannequin where they can see and feel what they should be looking for when self-examining.

Duration: One hour

Quantity: 30 people per one hour session: although more may participate if more time is allowed.  Multiple sessions are not a problem.

Requirements: The programme is completely free but a suitable venue/room and presenting facilities such as a projector to attach my laptop to or  a large screen to attach a usb stick are required.  Also a table for the mannequin and literature.

See also the links below.


Rachel Fitzgerald-Feeley, BCI Outreach Coordinator,  Mob: +353 87 1674980, Tel: +353 1 402 2747

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