Better Energy Homes Scheme

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What Is The Better Energy Homes Scheme?

The Better Energy Homes Scheme awards grants to make homes built before a certain date more energy efficient, as an added incentive this energy efficiency will save home owners money on their energy bills. The Better Homes Energy Scheme is administered by the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI).

Who Can Apply For The Better Energy Homes Scheme?

All homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2006 can apply for grants towards the cost of insulating their homes, installing more efficient heating controls and solar thermal systems. The cut off date applies because homes built after this date should comply with newer building regulations that included energy efficiency.

What Can I Apply For Under The Scheme?

Grants under the Better Energy Homes Scheme fall into these categories:

Insulation Grants:

Insulation Grants cover attic insulation, cavity wall insulation dry lining (internal insulation) and/or The Wrap (external wall insulation). Grants available range from €300 to €6000 depending on the size of the home to be insulated and the type of insulation added.

Heating Controls Grant:

The Heating Controls Grant is a grant to upgrade the controls of your current heating system. If you upgrade the controls of your heating system you can make it more energy efficient, this is better for the environment and saves you money. The grant under this category is worth up to €700.

Solar Thermal Grants:

Solar Thermal Grants are worth up to €1200 for the installation of solar systems that heat your water.

A Bonus For Doing More Work Under The Scheme

You will get a bonus of €300 if you apply for, and get accepted for, three grant categories under the scheme, and €400 for four or more having four or more grant categories accepted.

For more information about the grants available under the Better Energy Homes Scheme, and details on how to apply go to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

More information on the schemes and grants available can be found here

Alternatively, you can call 01800 2004 or email  

  1. Kevin Dolan

    Hello – I recently purchased a townhouse in Leitrim. It is around 80 years old. Needs insulation and heating upgrades to make it habitable. Can you advise what may be available in terms of grants. The house has not been lived in for 5 years and is BER G rating.

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