Awards for Buildings that Benefit the Community

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The Community Benefit category at the KPMG Irish Independent Property Industry Awards will be judged under two areas of investment:

  1. Civic Projects & Initiatives in excess of €100,000 investment
  2. Local projects up to €100,000 investment

Projects that involve the community reusing, refurbishing, or preserving historic buildings, building new sites or designing public realm schemes will be considered for nomination.


What the Judges are looking for:
  • Links to local initiatives and community use;
  • Design and quality of construction;
  • Visual impact and contribution to landscape;
  • Level of community involvement;
  • Future development potential and prospects;
  • How has this initiative or project directly benefited individuals, families, businesses in the community.
Examples of Possible Entries

There are many buildings that might qualify across the county but just to give you examples both the Kiltyclogher Heritage Centre and Bredagh Old National School are buildings that were saved and brought back into use by the community.New buildings like Rossinver Community Centre could also apply.

Kiltyclogher Heritage Centre Bredagh Old National School


Community Impact

The Community Benefit Project Award will be awarded to a project that has had a positive impact in a local neighbourhood and has delivered positive benefits to that community.

Our expert panel of judges invite you and/or your team to enter, demonstrating the excellent projects that you manage.

The 2018 KPMG Irish Independent Property Industry Excellence Awards has become the benchmark for excellence in the Irish Property sector, attracting over 850 stakeholders.

These awards are endorsed and supported by all industry & government bodies.

There is no charge to enter and you can do so at

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