Applications For Arts Council Bursaries Open Now

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The bursary scheme supports individual professional artists, architects, writers and others performers in the development of their arts based practice.

Architecture, Arts Participation, Circus, Film, Literature, Dance, Music, Street arts and spectacle, Visual Arts, Theatre and Opera bursaries are available. If you work as an artist in any of these fields then the Arts Council has a bursary scheme that you can apply to.

When Do The Bursary Schemes Open For Applications?

The bursary schemes open for applications from the 18th of December 2018. The awards available range between seven thousand and fifteen thousand Euro, depending upon the particular discipline you apply make an application for.

When Is The Application Deadline For The Bursary Schemes?

The application deadline is the five thirty pm (17.30) on January 31st 2019.

However, don’t delay you need to be registered with the online services website to make an applicationand and must apply via the online portal. Full information, guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions, and Youtube Tutorials on making an online application are available on the page for each award.

Important Information!

It is essential that you download and read the guidelines available as word documents or .pdf files at the top right-hand corner of each award related page if you are thinking of making an application.

You must also check to see if there is any mandatory supporting material that must accompany your application. The Arts Council will usually provide a template for the supporting material. If they have, you can download it from the supporting materials section at the top right-hand corner of the relevant awards page, along with the application guidelines.

What Bursaries Are Available?

The Bursaries available are listed below. The name of each award is a link to the relevant page of the Arts Council website dealing with the named bursary, just click on the link to access the page.

Architecture bursary award

Arts participation bursary award

Circus bursary award

Dance bursary award

Film bursary award

Literature bursary award – English language

Music bursary award

Opera bursary award

Street arts and spectacle bursary award

Theatre bursary award

Visual arts bursary award

Youth Ensemble Scheme – Funding for youth arts – CLICK HERE for more information.

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