A Life-Saving List for Leitrim

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DefibrillatorA public defibrillator is a valuable resource for communities in the event of an emergency. Recent meetings have highlighted the fact that there is no central list of the location of these units in Leitrim. Leitrim PPN is working with Leitrim Volunteering Information Service (VIS) in order to put this right. The project is supported by the National Ambulance Service (NAS).


Where Are the Defibrillators in Leitrim?

We need you, in your groups and as individuals, to help us map the automated emergency defibrillators (AEDs) throughout Leitrim.  Details of the location, with Eircode and an access code if required will be shared with the NAS. This means an emergency caller can find the AED and access it.

We also want contact details for someone associated with the local defibrillator so we can pass on any information on funding or training that we get. The Irish Heart Foundation and the NAS support the establishment of Cardiac First Responder Groups and public AEDs. Leitrim PPN and Leitrim VIS are in contact with both organisations in support of this initiative.


Defibrillator in a phonebox
AEDs are being placed in old phoneboxes in some places in Ireland.

Registered groups will be contacted direclty but the input of individuals is important. Garda Superintendent Kevin English is currently leading a similar mapping project in the Carrick on Shannon Area and recognises the value of AEDs – knowing where they are and when they are available. This project will include the information gathered by Supt. English and his colleagues.

If you know there is a public defibrillator near you in Leitrim, please fill in the form and/or get in touch as soon as you can. Alternatively, email LeitrimAED@gmail.com and SAVE A LIFE today!



And for yourselves – ALWAYS KNOW YOUR EIRCODE




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