2020-2021 call for the Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme Opens

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The Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme is now seeking in 2020 to encourage local communities, local groups, schools and other interested parties to engage with the Department in relation to the conservation and revitalisation of raised bog and blanket bog Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Natural Heritage Areas (NHAs) and other peatland areas and promote public engagement and awareness of our natural heritage.

The Scheme will support a diverse range of initiatives with community benefit from events, education programmes, promotions, publications, exhibitions, development of conservation management plans, public amenity and recreational measures, maintenance measures that support the conservation of raised and blanket bogs, monitoring or surveying work to inform peatland restoration/conservation projects, invasive species and fire control measures, anti-littering initiatives to local environmental improvements in the area of the designated bogs and other peatland areas.

The application form and terms and conditions of the Scheme are available here:

Terms and Conditions Final


Application Form Final


All queries on the scheme should be directed to the Peatlands Management Unit at peatlandsmanagement@chg.gov.ie

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